VelaShape in Dubai is now a new trend of the era because people will in search of easy way of getting rid of their fat and this is the easiest way to do that. There is a whole procedure in this treatment but you do not have to worry about the timing because it will not take very long. If you are interested in the procedure then you have to see the below article:

First of all you have to see that you will not get any kind of anesthesia so you will be awake during the procedure and you will get to know about everything that happened with your body. You doctor will make you feel comfortable and tell you to lie on the table. That table will not like the table in the operation theater and you do not have to be panic about it.

When the doctor starts his procedure you will feel a little suction in your skin because it is the main purpose behind this procedure, the device will suck the fatty layers of the skin near the device to break the strong bonding of these fatty layers. When the layers will be broken down then your body will start losing fats. This device will release the infrared light to help in breaking fats. You will get a warm sensation type feeling because of the infrared light. After you will end up with the session you will get the feel just like the pregnancy message Dubai. This is due to the fact that your body tissues will get the suction message in order to lose the fat.

As it is said earlier that you do not need to worry and do not panic, this is just like a regular visit to your doctor because you will not feel pain and also you do not need to get prepared for this process. There is just one advice for you to get yourself highly hydrated because it will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Water inside your body will create a good medium in giving the way to infrared rays and it also helps your body to become more relaxed during the session. If you feel anxious or discomfort due to any reason then talk to your doctor because it may affect the credibility of the procedure and give you late results.