So if you are newly shifted to Dubai or you want to move to Dubai then you must have idea that you will have to live in apartment. Although there are homes too but they are quite expensive and it is not easy to find home in Dubai. You may have different types of advertisements on internet such as Jumeriah village circle apartments for sale, Meydan apartments for sale. These types of apartments can be found in different ranges, some are expensive and some are cost effective. So one can find apartment of his own choice and within his budget range. But there are different types of apartments and there are different types of names used for these apartments. So before purchasing any apartment you must know about different types of apartments.


It is also known as one room apartment. And it consists of one kitchen and full size bathroom. But variations can be done in apartment so it can also be known as convertible studio.

Alcove studio:

This type of apartment has L partition in the living room. So more space can be created in this apartment and more space for sleeping area can be created.

Convertible studio:

In this type of apartment, large wall can be built. So this is large apartment.


It consists of one large room which also consists of high ceilings. So these types of apartments can be found in commercial buildings. And later these are converted into residential buildings.


These types of apartments have two levels. So if you have children or you have large family then you can go for these types of apartments. The best thing about these apartments is that these can be designed in beautiful way.


These types of apartments have triple floors and different types of arrangements can be done in these. If you have more children then you can also go for these types of apartments and you can also adjust guests in your apartment.

Garden apartment:

This type of apartment has access to backyard and these types of apartments are found on the ground floor or in basements. It is most important thing to check in apartment before purchasing it. So if you love greenery in your home or you want to make your own nursery then you must go for this type of apartment.