The mental disorders are increasing day by day and the worst thing about these disorders is that sometimes the patients are not aware of the fact they are suffering from mental disorders. But now different types of programs are being arranged at national and international level to spread awareness about these disorders. You can also search on internet about mental health in the UAE.  But before this you must know about different types of disorder that are most common in world. So in this article, we have added complete guide for you.


It is the most common type of disorder and it usually occurs when the person gets panic in some situations. The most common symptoms are increase in the heart beat and sweating. But if anxiety is minor then it usually remains for short period of time. But if it becomes uncontrolled or the person is repetitively thinking about those incidents then the person may experience social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and some types of phobias. There are different anxiety therapist Dubai which are providing treatments to their patients.

Mood disorders:

These types of disorders are associated with the mood of persons and sometimes persons feel happy and sometimes they feel sadness. So fluctuations of emotions occur during these. These can also be considered as bipolar disorder, cyclothymic disorder.


It is the most common type of disorder and the persons of all countries are equally affected by this type of disorder. It starts with anxiety and mental stress but if the situation becomes out of control then it leads to depression. So the persons experience suicidal thoughts and he also cuts off from his surroundings. The thinking abilities of person are badly impaired in this type of disorder and sometimes he also feels emptiness. So this disorder is real and if it is left untreated then the worst consequences can occur.

Eating disorders:

These types of disorders are highly concerned with the weight of patients. The person feels abnormal increase in the weight but in actual there is no increase in the weight of persons. So the person does not properly so it decreases his weight at dangerous level.

Personality disorders:

In this type of disorder, the personality of persons is affected and their social relationships are highly affected. So the thinking and behavior patterns of persons are changed which are against to the expectation of society. The most common behavior of its patients are anti social behavior so they do not like to go in the crowd.