Frequently asked questions before starting a new career

Becoming one of the residential interior designers Dubai is not an easy task because you need to go through several stages of your life for this. You need to go through the learning stage, then application stage, work in loss stage and then earning profits stage. All these stages are important and you need to go through them and there is nothing wrong in admitting this thing. If you are in your learning stage then you need to ask many productive questions because when you ask you will get more knowledge about that thing. If you want to learn more then read below:

Can I work for free? This is one of the frequently asked questions by the new comers of any field. The answer to this question is no, you should not do that. You can work on a very limited budget lower than the basic pay scale of that field but you should never work for free even for a relative. When you work free for one person then they will definitely tell others about your working and other people will approach you and demand to work for free because you did that before. It will create a difficult situation for you so you should never offer free of cost work.

Do I need to be available all the time? For this question the answer is yes, you need to be there for your clients all the time. You have to be in touch with them so that you can answer their queries in time. If you have so much work load and cannot provide assistance to your clients then you need to hire a good person who will answer on your behalf or at least leave a good message till you provide the answer to your client.

What should be my attitude with angry customers? First thing to his question is that you need to try your best that your customer will get happy with your work but in any case if he is not satisfied with your work and gets angry then you need to remain calm and handle them with positive attitude. Never show them anger or never shout with them as it will create a bad image of yours. Try to give incentives to such clients in order to make them satisfied and get good reviews.

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