What is sensitivity?

When you are eating too cold or too hot thing then you feel sensation of pain in your teeth this is called sensitivity. This type of pain can be acute or chronic but in most of the cases it is chronic and may at times require root canal treatment in Dubai. 


The persons who are suffering from sensitivity may experience pain or discomfort in their teeth. However, there are different symptoms of this problem. Some of its symptoms have been given in this article. You may experience pain or discomfort when you are eating too hot or too cold. Even you can not drink cold water due to this pain. 

Triggering factors:

There are many triggering factors of this pain. Some of its triggering factors are given below. 

  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Cold air
  • Sweet foods
  • Cold water
  • Dental procedures
  • Brushing or flossing 
  • Alcohol containing mouth washes

Causes of sensitivity:

The major cause of sensitivity of teeth is the removal of enamel, it is protective layer of teeth which protects us from several disorders. But sometimes improper care of teeth may lead to destruction of enamel. It can occur due to too much brushing of teeth, grinding of teeth, too much use of sweet foods and acidic foods. 

Gastrointestinal intestinal reflux is another major cause of teeth sensitivity because in this disease acid produces in our stomach which then destroys the enamel. 

Gum recession is another major cause of sensitivity because it causes the exposure of teeth by removing enamel. 

Chipped teeth, broken teeth and tooth decay are also the major causes of sensitivity. Because all of these problems directly damage our enamel.  Sometimes, different dental procedures such as fillings, crowning or teeth bleaching may also cause the teeth sensitivity but it remains for short period of time. These can be checked by a good pediatric dentist in Dubai.


There is no proper diagnostic test for sensitivity but it is determined on the basis of pain that you are experiencing and some other teeth problems such as cavities, fillings. The major indicator of this problem is that you feel pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold.


There is no proper treatment of sensitivity and no any medicine is in the market which can treat sensitivity. Medicines can only give symptomatic treatment such pain killers. so you can different mediated tooth pastes such as fluoride containing toothpastes. You can also go for medicated mouthwashes.