How to Name a Stationery Shop?

Once you have decided to start an online stationary shop, you need to find a web hosting solution, register a domain name, select and design your store layout and start marketing. How do you get from starting a new online business to making sales to customers? It takes hard work and lots of creative thinking but when done properly stationary shops can be very profitable businesses. Here are some common name suggestions that came up when researching how to name your stationary shop:

Office orders

This was probably the most popular name suggestion among internet site owners. Here are some other name suggestions that came up: Office Services, Stationary Shop Business, Order Direct, Office Consultants, Office Solutions. Some other name suggestions: Office Services Only, Stationary Shop Business Name, Business Names for stationary services. Try here to know more about stationery.


One of the problems with a stationary shop business name is the uniqueness factor. If your stationary shop is selling the same stuff as two different websites, no customers will get a name recognition from it. Unique name is what you need to make your online presence felt.

See Names in a Dictionary

The old and traditional way of choosing business names was to search the dictionary for the right name. Old school way of naming stationery shops still exists and can be found in dictionaries. If you are looking for a business name or you are on a tight time, you can use the old school way of naming your stationary shops. This way, you are sure to get your business name out there. If the company is still running after a year, they might give you a call and discuss your new name!

Add a Strong Keyword

When you are creating your company name, it is important to choose a strong but short keyword. Many stationary shops have gone without the brand name and have been doing well. You want your brand name to be as strong and memorable as the products or services you are offering. To create an exciting brand name, you can use famous brands or you can come up with your own unique brand name. There are many ways to get your brand name out there.