A furniture moving company in Abu Dhabi should realize the impacts new initiatives can have on the way it conducts its everyday business. The more the company upgrades its functionality, the more chances of gaining competitive advantage within the market. 

Logistics easier than ever: Emergence of Internet of Things(IoT) and the 5G technology has made logistics smoother. Such sophisticated connections would allow the company to keep tabs on its functionality without having to click on multiple files. To ensure that the staff is doing their jobs as per certain standards, such systems would allow the manager of the moving company to keep tabs on their performances. IoT would enable not only managers but the founders of the moving company to make important decisions on managing the efficiency of the company. A good example of automating logistic is that of predictive analysis systems. The 5G technology with its increased internet speed in contrast to its predecessors should improve the efficiency of logging files as well as responding well on time towards customer inquiries. 

Rolling out robots: Keeping logistics aside, the company can improve  the quality of its services by placing emphasis on efficiency. Efficiency can be achieved by changing the way it handles furniture. To minimize damages on furniture, the moving company should make use of machine and robots that come from AI and Industry 4.0. Firstly the company is contacted by a customer, he or she informs the company the geographical size of the current house and the new one. The company then sends its team of professionals alongwith robots and machines in the long vehicle. To keep the customer in loop and notified, the company should have built in tracking devices in many parts of the long truck. Upon reaching the customer’s residence, if the furniture are large in size, then the team can roll out advanced robots to take out the furniture without any risks in doing so. The truck should have numerous sensors built in to enable built in machines to lift and then place the furniture in a systematic manner.

Conclusion: F-movers is one of those companies that is capable of incorporating the likes of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Internet of Things(IoT), Machine Learning and the advent of the 5G technology. For more information regarding the company see this here.