Nursing home is the place where patients are kept to look after them and their basic needs. The place has so many nurses but nurses are not needed there only. There are many other professionals at nursing hones which play important role in improving the health of patients and running the home. Some of them are:

Therapists: Therapists are the health sector workers who treat the patients after understanding his or her physical, psychological and mental needs. They don’t give medicines but make them to do some physical exercises. The nursing homes have speech therapists who help adults and people who damage their vocal cord to speak better. Besides, there are physiotherapists at the place which help the patients to walk, move and do their work on their own. The sector do have occupational therapists too who help injured patients to regain their moto ability by helping in their daily living tasks like bathing, washing and many others. They use different tech and devices to help them in academics and office work as well. 

Administrators: Nursing hones do not have few people and patients. They provide shelter to hundreds of people at a time. Some of them pay the fees on time every month while some are provided loans and insurance by the government. Therefore, there is the existence of administration department that manage the finances, availability of beds, food, shelter, clothes, water and all basic utilities. They work with nurses and managers to ready the salaries, manage expenses and cater the needs and wants of patients fully. Thus, it is the efforts of administration department that keeps the nursing home functional.

Activities manager: Food, basic activities, shelter and clothes are not enough to improve their health. Majority of the patients, at nursing homes, are adults and mentally unstable. Therefore, there is need of activities which keep them stable and improve their abilities of the adults would get depressed and anxious of being at one place for so long. That’s why there are activity managers and their team which celebrate their birthdays, special days and festivals to keep them busy. Besides, they organize book clubs, discussion sessions, color activities and many others to please them and give them moments of joy and pleasure. 

So, these are few professionals which you will find at nursing homes. They provide home physiotherapy services in Dubai and maternity nurse at home too!