Dental clinics in Abu Dhabi need to focus on hiring individuals with good emotional intelligence. Certain dentistry skills are needed when it comes to installing dental braces in Abu Dhabi.

Resisting braces: There are patients who tend to be insecure when it comes to wearing braces. This is common amongst teenagers. On the back of a teenager’s mind, wearing braces is all about keeping the teeth well aligned. If it really was all about keeping the teeth straight then the dentist/orthodontist would not come up with questions regarding experiencing pain in the jaw or the feeling of a tooth not in its right place. Most teenagers are keen on getting braces so that they do not feel secure when communicating in the public. Even the idea of colored braces does not fancy them.

Instill confidence: This when good communication skills are needed by the dentist. By having such skills the dentist would be able to calm the patient and lay out the pros and cons of getting invisible braces. The negatives outweigh the positives of such braces. Invisible braces are not prominent, that is pretty much the only upside. Due to its plastic nature, the metal brackets have to be changed frequently and this is not good keeping in mind wearing braces is a long term investment. Due to the braces being transparent, it would be costly to manufacture one which makes it more expensive than standard metal braces. A good dentist is one who has sufficient knowledge in other medical areas. For example. the dentist can use the analogy of hearing impaired individuals wearing colored hearing aids/cochlear implants and they go on about their days without worrying. It is a good trick of telling patients that there is absolutely no harm in getting metal/colored braces.

Have the physical and mental skills: Besides being knowledgeable the doctor should be physically fit as installing and placing braces is a lengthy process. The concerned doctor/orthodontist should be able to have good hand dexterity so that he or she can use the equipments and tools without needing breaks in between. The fact that installing braces requires a lot of focusing to do, this shows the orthodontist needs to be mentally strong to get it right that too during a long session.