Outdoor activities for team building events

Team building activities Dubai have become common trend now because it gives advantage to employees so that they can spend some quality time with their colleagues and it also boost up their confidence. Although there are many indoor activities that can be arranged for employees but if you want to give some new environment for your employees then you should go for outdoor activities. You can also go for inflatable rental Dubai. Here are many outdoor activities that you can arrange for your employees. The details of these outdoor activities have been given below.

Sports events:

Sports are considered as one of the most favorite activity by the employees because they also get some time to enjoy with their colleagues. This is a full day event and sometimes these last for 2 to 3 days according to the type of game. Teams of different departments are being made and then these teams play against each other. The most common types of sports are cricket, handball, hockey, football and golf. With this type of activity the teams learn to do work in team and how to handle work when they are working with team. And it is also physical activity so it will also give some quality time to employees. 

Hole in many:

This is simple and fun game and whole team is involved in this. So team has to balance tennis ball on a tarpaulin. This game is being played well with proper coordination of team and they will have to work together. The duration of this activity is about 30 minutes and they basically learn teamwork. Physical and verbal cooperation are the two main important factors in this activity and anyone can play this game. There is no age limit and no fitness level is required.

Buckets and balls:

This game is quite similar to the game being played in the schools. There are different buckets placed on different points and teams move these balls from one bucket to another bucket. And time limit is given to these teams. So the employees also learn about the deadlines and how they will have to manage work within their given time limit. They will have to work together so it also increases their coordination. 

Photo finish:

It is quick and easy game and it can be played without any equipment. In this game, participants have to walk around a finish line and in the same time they will have to reach the photo finish. It depends on the focus and communication among employees.