Myths about starting a business

You know for a fact that moon is not made up of cheese because well known and educated people have looked into the matter and have proofs to prove their statements. Had people never researched about this fact we would have never come to know the reality behind the myth. The same way if you believe everything you hear without proofs will surely pull you into the wrong direction stopping you from so many things. Same way we will discuss about myths which we all believe about starting your own business:

  • You should know what you are doing

Well, this is true to some extent that you must know what you are doing because entering your office with a coffee in hand will surely not lead you anywhere until that coffee is actually waking you up and making you attentive in what you do. Of course experience comes with time and you don’t have to be knowing A to Z about starting business because there are going to be letters of your own which you will add in once you are experienced enough so working on someone else’s ABC is not going to help you be unique.

  • Your business plan should be extensive and long term

For most of the people they don’t like making extensive plans and preparing for the unknown future and nothing’s wrong in that. Everyone work their own way so as long as you are prepared for the upcoming few months and can plan things along the way then you should go ahead with that instead of cramming your head and worrying about what happens in the next year of your business.

  • Find the right time

If you think that you will start your wedding dress business in the wedding season and hold off all your preparations until then, you could be wrong. There is no thing such as right time because every time is right the moment you find things fitting. If you start your wedding dress business in the off season you may not find many customers but you will surely be known by them so when the wedding season does arrive, people already know you are in the business and things can move on from there. First step should be to have will.