Things you need to know about diabetes

Diabetes is the most common occurring diseases now a days and now it has been spread to all over the world. A large number of population has been affected by diabetes. It is a long term disorder and it can not be treated by medications. The patient has to take precautionary measures to control the level of diabetes. But you must know about the diabetes so that you may take precautionary measures properly to reduce its level. You can further know about the details of diabetes in this article.

What is diabetes?

When pancreas produces insufficient amount of insulin in our body and level of glucose becomes high in our body so this is called diabetes. Pancreas controls the blood sugar level in our body. Insulin and glucose are produced on beta cells of islets of Langerhans. When imbalance occurs or there occur any problem in these cells then it leads to insufficient production of insulin.

Diagnosis at home:

You can also detect the level of diabetes so it will also to select the best food for you. You can check the level of insulin by glucometer. And it is best to check its normal level in fasting condition.


There are different causes of diabetes such as genetic disorder, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, depression, overuse of fast food and lack of exercise. There are different types of diabetes and causes of these types of diabetes are different from each other.

Diabetes can affect person of any age. Generally, it affects the persons of age above 30 years old.


There are many symptoms of diabetes such as increase in thirst, increase in hunger, unusual weight loss, blurred vision, frequent urine and long healing time.


However, there is no proper treatment discovered for diabetes but you can only control its level and you can take some precautionary measures to control its level. For this, you can change life style changes, increase your physical activity, reduce your weight. You can also change your eating habits. You should also take your medicines regularly. If your diabetes is not beings controlled by medicines then insulin is recommended to control the level of diabetes in our body.

High risk population:

The persons who are obese are at high risk of diabetes. Family history also matters in the case of diabetes. It can also occur in aged person such as in the persons of age more than 50 years old.